May 10

Museum of Monterey 300x199 Explore Museum of MontereyEstablished in 1992, The Museum of Monterey also known as The Monterey History and Maritime Museum which began in 1970, and found a permanent home at The Stanton Center, 5 Custom House Plaza. Located in the basement of the Monterey Museum of Art, and principally housed the collection of Allen Knight, who briefly worked as a sailor in 1916 and collected artifacts and memorabilia related to maritime activities throughout his life. The Museum closed in 2010 for re-structuring. Highlights include a ship-in-a-bottle collection and the historic Fresnel lens from Point Sur’s lighthouse. Formerly the Monterey Maritime Museum, the Museum of Monterey (MoM) has been reinvented by the Monterey History & Art Association (MHAA) for a new era. MoM will continue MHHA’s mission to identify and preserve those objects that tell the story of Monterey’s historic role in the birth and development of the wildly innovative state of California. It includes permanent exhibits on the USS Macon disaster off Point Sur, the Ohlone and Rumsien tribes that once lived in the area, the Spanish exploration of the California coast and the Monterey sardine industry.  And further to provide an environment and support for those individuals and organizations whose new stories demonstrate and celebrate that bold creative spirit. The cost to visit is $5. $3 for seniors, students and military. Under 12 are free.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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May 09

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is a state park in Monterey County, California close to theimages 1 Visit to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park! zone of Big Sur on the state’s Central Coast. It covers roughly 1,006 sections of land of area. The recreation center is focused on the Big Sur River. It has been given a nickname a “mini Yosemite.”

Hiking details: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is also popular for its redwood groves and trail to Pfeiffer Falls. Mud slides created by the Basin Complex flame required rerouting the Pfeiffer Falls Trail which is as of now open. Restoring the old trail, with the wooden foot extensions is planned for to start in 2016.

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May 02

Henry W. Coe State Park is a state park of California, USA, saving a boundless tract of300px HenryCoe11 Explore Henry W. Coe State Park! the Diablo Range. It is situated in Santa Clara and Stanislaus districts. The recreation center contains more than 89,000 sections of land, making it the biggest state park in northern California, and the second-biggest in the state. Overseen inside its limits is an assigned wild territory of around 22,000 sections of land. This is authoritatively known as the Henry W. Coe State Wilderness, yet locally as the Orestimba Wilderness. The 89,164-section of land park was set up in 1959.

Other than its size, the recreation center is outstanding for a generally in place verdure. The recreation center comprises of a progression of high edges isolated by steep ravines, with incidental level valley bottoms and particular tops.

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Apr 26

Originally established to protect several species, including the western snowy plover, California brown pelican, Smith’s blue butterfly, and Monterey spineflower, the Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge provides birders, hikers, photographers and hunters a natural area rich with wildlife.

This shoreline is strolling separation from the KOA Campground and the Moss Landing Harbor. Behind the shoreline is the Old Salinas River conduit, which interfaces the Moss Landing Harbor to the Salinas River. This structures a long sand spit between the conduit and the sea which has rises, wetlands, and a long sandy shoreline. A mobile trail travels south from the parking area and proceeds with the distance to Salinas River State Beach at Potrero Road.

salinas river state beach Salinas River State Beach   Monterey

Travelers visiting in this place enjoy nature beauty, beach combing, fishing, photography and a longer walk more than swimming or surfing. It is also a popular horseback riding spot. It should not be confused with Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge, which is approximately two miles south.

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Apr 18

Monterey, California is popular among the travelers for offering varieties of touristdownload 21 Your Visit to Capitola Historical Museum! attractions to explore. And Capitola Historical Museum is a place where people visit to experience types of exhibitions on the history and art.

The Capitola Historical Museum keeps collecting the varieties of photos collections and artifacts which are related to Capitola’s history, and entertain the visitors with changing exhibitions shows on the history and art of the area including seasonal and topical subjects.

The Museum display showcases 35 pictures, all of Capitola from over a hundred years prior. It is the first-ever show gave totally to the work of Ole Ravnos. A percentage of the pictures have at no other time been shown.

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Apr 11

It is always exciting to go on holidays. Monterey, California is one of those holidayAerial view   Monterey CA 300x200 Explore Top Tourist Attractions in Monterey, CA! destinations which offer a lot of variety and lot of things to do. The city is like origin of the top aquariums in the nation. However this coastal town boasts lot of other awesome approaches to spend the time.

Here are some suggested places to explore:

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Your trip to Monterey, CA is incomplete without Monterey Bay Aquarium. The most popular tourist attraction is rated as a top family destination in the U.S. The place is usually seems crowded so plan your visit accordingly in advance.

Point Lobos State Reserve: If you love to do hiking then the place is for you. Here, Land and water meet in a very beautiful style at rough Point Lobos, only south of Carmel. It is worth to visit the place for simple climbing and shoreline views. In addition, you will find very interesting animals to watch.

Downtown Carmel: Depending on the number of days you have planned your holiday, you can enjoy doing windown shopping in Carmel. Other than you can also discover beautiful art galleries.

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Apr 04

Natural Bridges State Beach is incredibly famous for its yearly movement of monarchdownload1 Natural Bridges State Beach near Monterey, CA! butterflies. Guests can see thousands amid the butterflies’ top season. The perfect time to go for monarchs in the recreation center is generally from mid-October to late January.

Regular Bridges State Beach is named for the common curve in the colossal rock situated in the shore break here. This is a standout among the most captured shoreline symbols in the condition of California. The recreation center likewise offers a ruler butterfly movement save and show, excursion ranges, trekking trails, an open footpath, and an extraordinary sandy shoreline.

This popular place, Natural Bridges State Beach is most recommended as family park with lots of available areas to discover including great tide pools at low tide.

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Mar 29

Manresa State Beach is a state-ensured shoreline close Watsonville in Santa Cruzdownload4 Manresa State Beach near Monterey, CA! County, California, USA. It is worked by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The 138-section of land site was set up as a California state park in 1948.

Manresa Beach has the lesser lifeguard program which runs two sessions every late spring, showing lifesaving, wellness and water well being to youngsters in Santa Cruz County. Numerous nearby surfers were once junior lifeguards in the project. South of Manresa State Beach is Sunset State Beach.

Manresa State Beach includes a delightful scope of ocean and sand, with surf, angling, surfing, and entertainment.

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Mar 22

Steamer Lane is the most popular surfing area in Santa Cruz, California. It is simply offdownload3 Steamer Lane – Santa Cruz, CA! a point in favor of bluffs in the West Cliff local location close downtown Santa Cruz, giving simple access and a decent vantage point for review. The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is housed in a beacon there. “Steamer Lane” is the favored type of the name utilized by the general population surfing there. Steamer Lane was named by Claude Horan while he was an understudy at San Jose State in the late 1930s. One level quiet day he and his companion Wes Hammond thought it would be a smart thought to contract steamships to journey forward and backward to create waves for surfing. It was at Steamer Lane that the cutting edge surfing wetsuit and the rope were principally created by Jack O’Neill, who had his surf shop close-by for a long time and lost his eye at Steamer Lane.

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Mar 14

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, prior it was well known as Bonfante Gardens. It is a greenery enclosure themed family amusement park in Gilroy, California, United States. The recreation center has 22 rides and 5 attractions. It is additionally home of the Circus Trees, made by Axel Erlandson. The recreation center was planned and worked by Michael Bonfante. It initially opened in July 2001. The recreation center and the 536 sections of land it dwells on is currently possessed by the City of Gilroy. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park works the recreation center, which is overseen by Cedar Fair.

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park: Must Visit!

History: The recreation center was established by Michael and Claudia Bonfante. The recreation center was developed step by step over a time of 25 years. Before it turned into an entertainment mecca open to general society, it was known as Tree Haven, and was a business plant nursery, and additionally a recreational office for workers of Nob Hill Foods.

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