Oct 17

Many of our guests at Stage Coach Lodge are making their way up to San Francisco, so we figured we’d share some details on a favorite San Francisco attraction.  We find many guests end up missing out on booking their Alcatraz tours because they wait till the last minute–book your Alcatraz tour early since they sell out quickly!

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About Alcatraz

For any age, the former federal prison Alcatraz is the best place to visit when you are in the San Francisco area. Alcatraz is an interesting, fun, and historic place to visit. Located just one and a half miles offshore of San Francisco, this National Historic landmark is just a short ferry ride away. Alcatraz is known as “the rock”, but is better known as one of the most dangerous prisons in the history of America.

This former federal penitentiary was designed to hold the constant trouble makers, the prisoners that would be continuously causing fights or trying to escape the life behind bars. At 9:40am on August 11, 1934 the very first group of one hundred thirty-seven prisoners stepped foot on Alcatraz grounds. Most of the prisoners who were there were murderers, infamous robbers, and sodomites. So, for the protection of everyone involved, the prison purposely had one hundred fifty-five staff member. None of which were trained in any kind of rehabilitation, but extensively trained in security.

During the twenty nine years that the prison was in use, Alcatraz held some of the worst prisoners in America’s history. Al Capone, Robert Franklin, and Alvin “Creepy” Karpis who served more time at Alcatraz than any other inmate. Although this prison was well equip for keeping these inmates locked in cells, there were thirty six prisoners that made fourteen escape attempts, two men trying on two separate occasions. Twenty three were caught in the act, six were shot and killed, two drown, but probably the most interesting was the five that came up as missing. Since the prison will never admit to having someone escape the prison, they were assumed dead, but it was never proved and no bodies were ever recovered.

Discover the wonders of history and enjoy a day full of interesting facts that surround one of the most dangerous historic landmarks in California. A day at Alcatraz is one of the best ways to enjoy a family trip with something to learn.

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The Rock

To purchase tickets you can go to:


When visiting San Francisco, we recommend staying at the Adante Hotel, which is located near Union Square.  A great boutique hotel which is centrally located in San Francisco, The Adante Hotel offers its lowest rates on its website at http://www.adantehotel.com.

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Oct 13

Oktoberfest Monterey

October 19th

Starts at 5:30pm

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Oktoberfest Monterey

A grand tradition in Monterey, California is back again! This is the first time in over 170 years that the Oktober fest will actually be able to be held in the month of October. This historic event started with the commemoration of Crown Prince and later the marriage of King Ludwig and Princess Theresa.  This celebration has been a fun event for the family for over two hundred years. All proceeds go to the maintenance and to Casa Serrano Adobe’s historic preservation.

The event will be located at Casa Serrano Adobe’s at 412 Pacific Street. With dancing, great food, authentic music, German beers, and the Mike Marotta Band, this is one even that you do not want to miss.

Tickets are $50.00 per ticket and are available on PayPal or by calling the Museum or Monterey at (831)-372-2608.

If you want a chance to hear the band before the event then you can visit: http://www.montereystrings.com/marottaband.html

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