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How wonderful would it be just to see what life was like for the underwater creatures that are around this world? Well, if you want to get a clear place to see all of the gracious activities that are hidden underwater, then the best place to go is to Monterey, California. The Monterey Bay Sanctuary attracts divers from around the world, and in one year alone there will be more than 65,000 visitors.

Untitled 300x225 Scuba Diving in Monterey, California

Scuba Diving

There are always debates about if a wetsuit is needed when you are scuba diving. Although the waters do hit around sixty degrees on occasion, when in doubt bring a wetsuit. The water temperatures have been known to get very low, as with any area that you would scuba dive in. however, no matter how cold the water is, the view of the ocean thirty feet below the water is breath taking.


There are many places in Monterey that you are able to scuba dive at. Some of the most popular places for all levels of divers are:

  • Bluefish Cove
  • Whalers Cove
  • Point Lobos
  • Lovers Point
  • Pacific Grove
  • Monterey State Beach
  • San Carlos Beach
  • McAbee Beach

For those of you who are more advanced divers the most popular places to dive are at Monastery Beach and Carmel River State Beach. Monterey has actually been rated as the best beach dive in the USA by Scuba Diving Magazine. Come enjoy a day full of fun, and a life full of memories.

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Monterey Scuba Diving

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Dec 16

Memorable and Beautiful Scenery in Monterey, California

Memorable Scenery in Monterey Deers Memorable Scenery in Monterey California

Have you ever wanted to take a few days and relax in Monterey California? Well there are a lot of different things that you can do when you are visiting. You can visit beaches, go scuba diving, or visit the Monterey Aquarium just to name a few. Also, if you are wanting a little bit more unique trip, that you can really remember, there are always some great activities going on at many different times of the year.

The beaches in Monterey are fun for every age and every member of the family. One of the most well known beaches in Monterey is Point Lobos State Reserve. It has been called “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world” and “the crown jewel of the state park system”.  Not only is this a great view and wonderful place to allow all of your troubles to drift away, but it is also the home to sea lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, sea otters, and orcas. For those of you that get sea sick, or just do not wanting to ride on a boat, Monterey’s Point Lobos is one of the few places that you are able to whale watch without stepping foot on a boat. There are many different types of birds that you can see on Point Lobos beach as well. Memorable Scenery in Monterey Golf Courses Memorable Scenery in Monterey CaliforniaThis is the place to go and sit with a bird watching book and point out all of the different birds that you can find. There will be many for you to see, and it is as easy as sitting down.  However, the one thing that you cannot miss when visiting point lobos is the amazing visual wonders that lie beneath the water. This is one of the most common places to scuba dive because there is such a huge variety of sea life that lives at point lobos. Not only will you see fish of all sorts, but it is common to see sea lions and otters under water as well.

Memorable Scenery in Monterey Beaches Memorable Scenery in Monterey CaliforniaAnother place that is a wonderful place to visit is Lovers Point Park and Beach. Because of the location of Lovers Point, this is one of the only spots on the West Coast where you are able to watch the sun rise over the water. It is a great place for a picnic, swimming, and just recently you will see surfers out there on the water. However, the one thing that attracts people the most to this amazing beach is all of the scenic photography that is available while you are enjoying your day.  This is also a place that you will see a lot of locals lounging, climbing the rocks at the point for which it is named after, or even playing a game of volleyball on the beach.

Come and enjoy a beautiful room at the Stage Coach Lodge in Monterey California and be just minutes away from the many wonders that you will be surrounded by. This is a wonderful place to get away, or enjoy a family vacation. No matter what you interests are or how long you are staying for. It is guaranteed to be a phenomenal experience.

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