Jun 06

Lose yourself in a labyrinth of mind-boggling mirror madness! The Monterey Mirror Maze  and Lazer Challenge tests the wits of young and old alike with a dark and twisting path, where the walls are made of your reflection and every turn could be a wrong one. After braving the maze, you will even have the chance to prove your cat burglar skills by weaving your way through a glowing grid of lasers!

Trippy colors and pulsating music serve to further disorient you as you enter the mirror maze. Walk with your hands in front of you, because, if you’re not careful, you will walk smack into a glass pane you thought was an open passage! If you want to really get lost, put on the special Kaleidoscope Glasses, and hold onto your sanity!

Looking for a more physical challenge? The Lazer Maze is ready to test your agility! This dark room is crisscrossed with green lasers, and touching one of them sets off the security alarm. Attempt to pull off a heist by crawling, jumping and shimmying between the beams. Set a new time record, and you can prove that this mission is not impossible!

Monterey Mirror Maze is located on Cannery Row, and it provides kids with a reason to get excited about visiting the historic area. The Maze is an innovative setting for team building activities, birthday parties, and other private events.

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