Nov 12

The Ghost Trolley of Old Monterey aims to thrill and chill you with stories of murder, shipwrecks, executions and more. It is a unique attraction offering a 90 minute night-time trolley ride filled with incredible history and lore about the haunted buildings, cemeteries and ghostly places of the region which features an official Ghost Tree.

The tour begins at some of Monterey’s most notoriously haunted buildings. Soon you will be winding in and out of the path of history in the Ghost Trolley of Old Monterey, visiting locations of recent and historical sightings. Along the way, you will visit the oldest church in California, Monterey’s historic cemetery and old legendary adobes to relive the stories of their inhabitants.

Fees: $28 Adults – $9 Children 12 & Under – Please no children under 5.
Visiting Hours : Friday & Saturday Nights  – 8:00 PM Tours .

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