Dec 11

Point Pinos Lighthouse is the oldest and continuously operating lighthouse anywhere on the Pacific Grove, Monterey. Technically, it is the second lighthouse ever built after Alcatraz but was never destroyed or decommissioned while Alcatraz is somewhat older and its lighthouse demolished so, later it was rebuilt outside the prison walls.

Built in 1855, the Point Pinos Lighthouse is on the northernmost tip of the Peninsula. The light is a third-order Fresnel lens with lenses, prisms and mechanism. The present light source is located 89 feet above from sea level, is a 1000 watt bulb, which is amplified by the lenses and prisms to produce a 50,000 candlepower beam visible under favorable conditions up to 15 miles distant. The Point Pinos was named by the Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino in 1602 during an exploration of the California coastline for the Count of Monterey.

Hours: Thursday-Monday, 1-4pm

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