Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey

Jan 09

dennis the menace park monterey Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey

Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey, California – Fun for all ages!

This is a wonderful place for kids! Don’t miss out on all of the great things that your children can do while visiting this small but fantastic park. When you first come into the park you will see a very large southern pacific railroad engine that you can climb on, go inside of, and not to mention have a unique photo of the beautiful smiling faces of your children. Since pacific railroad dennis the menace park Dennis the Menace Park in Montereythis is so close to Monterey Bay Aquarium, it is really a great place to stop by and relax while you let your kids play. There are many things there that they will enjoy, but the most popular spot is the large red slide under a yellow arch. The swinging bridge get s a lot of kid’s attention too, along with the rock climbing walls that are fun no matter what age you are. Not only is this a wonderful place to let your kids run and play, but it is also a way to relax for a nice picnic before heading off or just getting done visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, after a nice walk at Lovers Point, or even the casual stroll down Cannery Row. There have been many children that have monterey california dennis the menace park Dennis the Menace Park in Montereyplayed in the Dennis the Menace Park, and they always beg to stay longer. Come enjoy all the great things about Dennis the Menace Park, and make the memories that you can cherish forever! Price: FREE for all ages Hours: 10am – Dusk *** Note: The Dennis the Menace Park is CLOSED every Tuesday from September to May.

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