Enjoy Water Diving at Breakwater Cove Monterey

Apr 23

Breakwater Cove Monterey is one of the hundreds of Marine Protected Areas scattered along the California coastline which is connected to San Carlos Beach. It is another popular, sloping, sandy shoreline dive site. This is a wonderful place to get a glimpse of sea lions, octopus, and other marine creatures.

The best diving is on the outer side of breakwater. The visibility can vary from 5-40 ft in depth and you will find tons of life. Depth range is about 25-65 ft. It provides a year round site that accommodates every level of diver. Though the visibility can be poor at times, the vast amount of sea life makes any dive here memorable.  It has a large amount of wild life and plant life to look at as long as you go out about 150 yards from shore. Abundance of kayaks and paddleboards located in the distance.

Parking can be limited on first come basis. Swim along the breakwater to experience sea lions and beautiful nature, or find the big intake pipe and follow that out to medtridium fields in about 60 feet of water.

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