Sep 10

coast%20trail%20to%20south%20asbsections Exploring Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove, Monterey Asilomar State Beach is a state park in California and is a State Beach spread out over 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land area in Pacific Grove which describes the breathtaking views of forest, surf, sand and scenic forest and sand dunes. It is one of Monterey’s prettiest beaches, with a curving line and sloping sand that create lots of breaking waves.

As its name Asilomar means “a refuge by the sea” and is also now count a National Historic Landmark providing public access to rocky coast and dune habitat on the Monterey Peninsula. Sharing borders with the Monterey Bay, City of Monterey, Pacific Ocean, and the Del Monte Forest, this coastal community offers breathtaking view and recreational activities.

The beach is a one-mile strip of sandy beach, narrow and rocky coves. It is also a popular and stunning  spot for nature walks, surfing, kayaking, kite flying, and romantic sunset strolls along the shore. It packs more beautiful views and natural diversity into a mile long path as most of the beaches have in ten or more miles. It is an easily accessible beach, and also features wheelchairs to disable people to enjoy the coastal experience as well.  Visitors can spend their leisure time bird watching, strolling along the beach, bicycling, swimming in the heated pool, or playing a game of billiards, ping pong or volleyball.

A beautiful coastal area, Asilomar State Beach stretches between Point Pinos and the Del Monte Forest. Features with dunes, tidal pools, and pocket-size beaches form one of the region’s richest areas for marine life including surfers, who migrate here most winter mornings.   Visitors have great opportunities for sightseeing, beach fun, whale watching, and educational tours of the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary. Explore the expanded area by taking a stroll along the scenic coast trail. It is  a boardwalk loop spanning from the coastline, through the dunes, to the Asilomar Conference Grounds. A walking path runs along the clifftops, making a perfect place to enjoy the natural surroundings.

On the beach itself, there’s lots of sand and room to play. The state beach has walking paths that go on and on along the ocean. There is a pedestrian pathway which also goes along the length of the beach. In the north, the pedestrian pathway is dirt, going alongside the rocky crevices of the shore, with the lighthouse on the other side of Sunset drive.  You can drive along the entire length of the beach along Sunset Drive, a two lane paved road, with parking on the road along the Ocean side, and in various dirt-sand inlets along the road. There are no restrooms or picnicking facilities on the state beach.

In the property anyone can find the Asilomar Conference Center or Grounds, which exists from 1913 and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.  It is a woodsy wonderland sprinkled with buildings by famed architect Julia Morgan.  It has been owned and operated by State Parks since 1956. Eleven of her original buildings remain, the largest collection of Morgan’s architecture in one location. The grounds, restrooms, restaurant, and gift shop are open to the public. They offering a rare protected glimpse of a dune restoration project.

The Beach is within the boundary of Asilomar Marine Reserve. All marine resources, animals and features are protected. No collecting or fishing is allowed. It was one of 29 marine protected areas, which created a statewide network of marine protected areas along the California coastline. The amazing marine life of the Monterey Peninsula draws thousands of visitors each year to fish, dive, hike, whale watch and kayak.

Across from Asilomar State Beach is the Asilomar Natural Dune Preserve. One of Asilomar’s landmark stiles stands at the gateway to this preserve. A one-forth mile boardwalk meanders through the 25 acres of restored sand dune ecosystem. Discover the native plant greenhouse where more than 450,000 plants, representing 25 species have been grown and planted in the dunes and coastal bluffs. The sand has been shifted and shaped into more natural contours, and an extensive boardwalk has been constructed to give the viewing public a close up look at the revitalized dunes.

Asilomar Coast Trail

Extending for one mile along the state beach, Asilomar Coast Trail is a scenic path connecting pedestrians from the coast across the dunes to the Asilomar Conference Grounds. Along the trail, you’ll find several side paths that fork off to tide pools, private pocket beaches and views of marine life, including seals, sea lions, sea otters, and migrating California gray whales. At the head of the trail a strip of unbroken white beach sand provides easy access to the ocean.

Self Guided Tours

Asilomar Park offers four different self-guided tours that explore the nature and history of the park, including Coast Trail, Forest Walk, Julia Morgan Architecture, and Living Dunes walks to choose from, and plenty of wildlife can be seen along the way. Park rangers provide a variety of cultural and natural history walks. Self-guided walking tours and audio tours are also available at the park store.

Many seagulls, hawks and other birds, with an occasional seal basking on the rocks. Visitors to Asilomar State Beach can also walk the quarter-mile boardwalk at Asilomar Natural Dune Preserve and learn more about the area’s unique ecosystem. It is a reliable and consistent surf spot where surfers can be seen nearly every day.
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Jul 24

The Monterey County Fairgrounds is 22 oak-studded acres located in the city and county of Monterey. It consists of 8 buildings of varying sizes, 2 outdoor music arenas, a horse show arena and 2 outdoor arenas.

The Monterey County Fairgrounds is home to the Annual County Fair, Jazz Festival, California Roots Music & Arts Festival, as it holds wonderful concerts, trade shows and expos. It is spreads out over 30,000 sq. feet space with 4 large banquet rooms, 3 small meeting rooms, 2 outdoor concert venues and plenty of outdoor and indoor cost-effective sites which is ideal for all kinds of events and performances. This is a great place to attend the fair, horse shows, home and garden events and many others that they host throughout the year.

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Jul 17

Monterey State Beach is a protected beach in California which begins next to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey and runs all the way to Seaside. This popular beach is used for many outdoor activities, including surfing, kayaking, surf fishing and swimming. The underwater area of the park attracts scuba divers.

Visitors also enjoy kite-flying and volleyball. The flat beach is an excellent place for beachcombing. It is also a dog-friendly beach where visitors can bring their dogs and pets for a walk and to play with. Restrooms and showers are available here.

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is a paved, 18-mile path that stretches from Castroville to Pacific Grove, connecting all the beaches in-between. The trail is open to walking, jogging, cycling, skating, and similar activities. If you plan to fish at Monterey State Beach, make sure you’re prepared.

Admission: Free
Hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Main Attractions: Swimming, Kayaking, fishing, Surfing, Tide pools, Scuba diving

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Jul 10

The Larkin House Monterey is a National Historic Landmark built with two-story mud adobe brick during Monterey’s Mexican period by Thomas O. Larkin, a New England Yankee merchant who was highly successful and influential in early California politics.

It is the first two-story house in all of California with a fireplace in Monterey. The design combined Spanish Colonial building methods with New England architectural features and originated the popular Monterey Colonial style of architecture. The Larkin House Monterey is both a National and a California Historical Landmark. The park is open May through September from 9:00am to 5:00pm and October through April from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Tour cost: $5

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Jul 03

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is located in beautiful historic downtown Pacific Grove very close to the beach and a short drive from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey. The Museum was created to house collections of nature’s wonders and to make them available for study which was established in 1883. Few of the permanent exhibits includes most widespread bird collections on displays, exhibits on whales, mollusks, mammals, Native Americans and a native plant garden.

Museum Hours:
10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday

$8.95 Adults
$5.95 Youth 4 -18 with id
FREE 3 and under including Monterey County residents and school field trips

Exhibit vary every 4 to 6 months with unique and curious features natural history of the California Central Coast. Its mission is to inspire discovery, wonder, and stewardship of our natural world. Free parking is available around the Museum.

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Jun 12

The Monterey Stage Coach Lodge is offering a Mazda Raceway Event 3 day Ticket Giveaway!

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Jun 11

Moss Landing State Beach is a beautiful beach in Monterey County to catch that perfect wave. It has tidal mud flats, sandy beach, the northern end gives easy access to the jetty, and views of the marina. The familiar landmarks include a small harbor, power plant stacks, and the bridge which crosses the slough. It offers a wonderful spot for bird watching, windsurfing, horseback riding, surfing, offshore fishing or just enjoying a sunny beach picnic.

Moss Landing State Beach is a favorite place for picnics because the dunes protect it from afternoon winds. Wildlife here include migrant shorebirds and terns, Snowy Plover, tons of sea otters, and a few dozen harbor seals. Tons of seagulls and sea lions can be seen lazing around in all their glory as you can see Sea ducks, loons, grebes and gulls around the beach throughout the year. Waters in this beach are full of powerful rip currents which do not allow swimming. Favorite among the visitors for picnics because of dunes protect it from afternoon winds. Open sunrise until sunset.

Moss Landing State Beach is one of the most popular surf fishing and bird watching destinations in Monterey County. Stay at the Monterey Travelodge Hotel, and get rooms at very affordable rates.

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Jun 05

Attention all race fans! Are you planning on attending the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway for eni FIM Superbike World Championship on July 11-13, 2014?

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May 29

Marina State Beach is a windswept and a protected beach area located between State Route 1 and Monterey Bay. It is an exposed beach break that has very steady surf and works all around the year. The beach is famous for water recreation, hang gliding and paragliding with nearby see the historic 170-acre Park which was established in 1977.

You can also enjoy a boardwalk through the Marina Dunes Natural Preserves. Radio controlled gliders and kites are also popular. Sunsets at Marina State Beach are a daily community event, bringing out locals and visitors alike.  The beach is a favorite site for picnics. Marina State Beach is also a popular spot from which to watch the sunset and it also serves as a home to unique wildlife. Dogs on leash are allowed.

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May 22

Jacks Peak County Park, towering 1,068 feet above downtown Monterey and holds the highest peak on the Monterey Peninsula. The park is 525 acres and has been open since 1977, you can hike or ride horseback, enjoying wildflower meadows, forests of oak and pine, and grasslands.

Jacks Peak County Park gives visitors spectacular views of both the peninsula and Monterey Bay. Several miles of trails, including a self-guided nature trail, wrap around Jacks Peak and through the rest of the park. The park provides more than 8 miles of excellent hiking and horseback 11  trails with a wide variety of interesting views. You can also see fossilized marine life and leaves in the rock shelves. On clear days you will get great views of the Monterey Bay and Carmel Valley also.

Hours: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Jacks Peak County Park is a great unique landscape with some gorgeous views and have a quiet setting with vistas of the Monterey Peninsula. Stay at the Monterey Stage Coach Lodge hotel with your family and get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit:

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