Stroll along Moss Landing State Beach, Monterey

Jun 11

Moss Landing State Beach is a beautiful beach in Monterey County to catch that perfect wave. It has tidal mud flats, sandy beach, the northern end gives easy access to the jetty, and views of the marina. The familiar landmarks include a small harbor, power plant stacks, and the bridge which crosses the slough. It offers a wonderful spot for bird watching, windsurfing, horseback riding, surfing, offshore fishing or just enjoying a sunny beach picnic.

Moss Landing State Beach is a favorite place for picnics because the dunes protect it from afternoon winds. Wildlife here include migrant shorebirds and terns, Snowy Plover, tons of sea otters, and a few dozen harbor seals. Tons of seagulls and sea lions can be seen lazing around in all their glory as you can see Sea ducks, loons, grebes and gulls around the beach throughout the year. Waters in this beach are full of powerful rip currents which do not allow swimming. Favorite among the visitors for picnics because of dunes protect it from afternoon winds. Open sunrise until sunset.

Moss Landing State Beach is one of the most popular surf fishing and bird watching destinations in Monterey County. Stay at the Monterey Travelodge Hotel, and get rooms at very affordable rates.

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