Travel around Garrapata Beach, Monterey, CA

Nov 21

Garrapata Beach is a secret beach just, 9 miles south of Carmel Monterey, CA. This rocky beach is typical of the beautiful scenery along the Big Sur coastline about a half mile long. It is a beautiful beach in central California with views of the ocean, as well as the mountains. This is a great place for wildlife watching with whale watching programs offered in January when the Pacific gray whale can be seen on its migratory path.

Along this shoreline visitors of Garrapata Beach may also see various seabirds such as pelicans as well as sea otters and sea lions. The wildlife here and the rolling surf can provide great subjects for visiting photographers and dogs are only allowed on Garrapata Beach.

If you’re a nature lover or fond of hiking than experience this unique coast line.  Stay at Monterey Stage Coach Lodge and book directly on the hotel’s website for the lowest possible rate:

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