Walk around Carmel River State Beach, Monterey

Mar 19

Monterey County has 99 miles of fantastic coastline encircling every coastal landscape. Carmel River State Beach is one of the popular and beautiful mile-long pristine white sandy beach with divers, kayakers, and birders.

Carmel River State Beach is located at south of Carmel point on Scenic Drive, where Carmel River meets the ocean. The beach offers excellent views of Carmel and Point Lobos, and Monastery Beach and at its southern end, is a popular diving spot. The sheltered park is a great place where local wildlife, especially the variety of bird’s habitation would be seen. It is a favorite of locals and tourists alike and slopes off more slowly than neighboring beaches, making it a good place for enjoying the water edges. Kelp forests in the area helps to make the beach popular with recreational divers, as such areas are major locations to view aquatic life. Pets welcome on leash.

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