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Job Title: Housekeeper

Job Id: Housekeeper

Job Location: Monterey, California, USA

Key Skills: Provides Housekeeping Services By Performing Cleaning Tasks Of Facility/hotel Guestrooms And Public Areas Per Quality Control Standards For Cleanliness Established By The Company. Maintains Hospitable Attitude Towards Guests And Provides Courteous Houseke

Experience: 0 - 1 Years

Department: Housekeeping

Salary: $12/Hourly

Job Description:

    As a Housekeeping Room Attendant employed by INNsight Hospitality Group, the employee must perform the following
    essential job functions:
    I. Clean guestrooms as directed by checklist specific to the individual facility (hotel/motel). Cleaning duties
    must leave room free of dust, dirt, litter, hair, lint, carpet spots, spills or spots on walls, water spots on
    chrome fixtures, smudges on mirrors, mildew, rubbish under the beds, cobwebs and odor. Duties include
    vacuuming, dusting, wiping and washing/sanitizing bathroom floors, tubs, sinks, showers, and commodes.
    II. Replace soiled linen with clean ones in bathrooms and bedrooms per directives of the individual
    III. Make beds in a neat wrinkle-free condition per directives of the individual facility.
    IV. Supply guestrooms with sundry items specific to the individual facility/hotel/motel; i.e., soap, glasses,
    brochures, etc.
    V. Confirm that all appliances, radios, televisions, telephones, and lighting are operational. Set televisions,radio/alarm to correct time and low volume.
    VI. Report maintenance requirements to Head Housekeeper promptly and note on maintenance log.
    VII. Perform all job functions in accordance to safety policies set forth by the Company and in compliance with
    Hazardous Chemicals, Hazardous Energy, and Bloodborne Pathogens Standards required by both State and
    Federal Occupational Safety and Health Acts (OSHA).
    VIII. Know and comply with all Company policies and procedures to prevent employees from contracting or
    spreading diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens.
    I. Present hospitable attitude towards all Guests. Answer questions by Guests or direct them to appropriate
    hotel departments/person where requested information may be obtained.
    II. Do not knock on occupied guestroom doors until 12:00 noon to gain entrance for cleaning. Always
    announce in English language “Housekeeping” when knocking on doors or entering guestrooms.
    III. Report to supervisor any potential security/safety threat posed by a Guest or to a Guest within the
    Guestrooms or common areas of the facility.
    IV. Do not open or permit entry into a guestroom to any person/Guest who requests or attempts entry by using
    your assigned pass key, or while you are working in a Guestroom.
    I. Obtain master key each day and utilize security measures for key control. Key must remain attached to
    apron at all times. Master key must be returned to supervisor at the end of shift.
    II. Maintain organization, proper inventory and cleanliness of housekeeping cart. Empty vacuum cleaner each
    day and report any vacuum maintenance required to Head Housekeeper.
    III. Restock housekeeping cart and caddies each day for following day.
    IV. Strip and remake rollaways/cribs and return to storage rooms.
    V. Clean appliances, cooking utensils, dishes and return to cabinets where applicable in Guestrooms equipped
    with kitchens.
    VI. Clean common areas. i.e., public restrooms, hallways, lobby, continental breakfast bar, fitness room, etc.,
    when assigned such duties by Head Housekeeper.
    VII. Know and comply with all safety and security regulations and procedures. Understand responsibility for
    housekeeping carts in the event of an alarm. Know and comply with property procedures for exiting the
    building in the event of an alarm. Know the layout of the property and understand responsibility for aiding
    Guests out of the building in the event of heavy smoke/fire or other threat.
    VIII. Be familiar with the INNsight Hospitality Group Hazard Communications Program. Understand the uses and
    dangers of the chemicals in your department, all existing energy hazards and Blood borne Pathogens
    Standard. Know the locations of information on the program and first aid supplies/equipment. Understand
    responsibility for properly storing and maintaining any hazardous chemicals and equipment.

    IX. Aid in the implementation of new systems, procedures and policies as communicated and directed by management.
    X. Assist in the development and training of new employees as applicable and instructed by the Head Housekeeper.
    XI. Perform other duties as instructed by your supervisor.
    XII. Maintain good rapport and open communication with your peers and other facility management
    departments, and the various departments at the INNsight Hospitality Group.

Desired Profile:

    Must be eligible to be employed in the United States of America.
    ? Must have mental process for following directions, remembering, and applying elementary English language skills
    (speaking) to sufficiently communicate with supervisors and hotel Guests for the purpose of Guest privacy, safety,
    and answering to Guest requests.
    ? Must be able to clean and service an average of two (2) Guestrooms per hour as established by the individual
    ? Must be able to wear protective gloves when handling potentially infectious materials.
    ? Must have physical and mental abilities to perform essential housekeeping job functions with or without reasonable

Benefits of working with Stage Coach Lodge:

    Great staff and management at Stage Coach Lodge provide an ideal work environment.

Applying for - Housekeeper

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